Fosterlings is a small, but dedicated, 501(c)(3) non-profit kitten rescue based in Pottstown, PA, providing new lives, new families, and unconditional love for abandoned, abused, or neglected kittens up to 5 months old.

We are a no kill, no cage rescue, which means that kittens remain with us until a good home is found, socialized in a home environment, with other cats.

Updated: 8 June 2017

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Da Kittens Taked-Over Edition!

Da rescue Mommy-Lady haz beed busy with lots and lots of kittens, so da kittens, wif som help from da big crew kitties, taked ober to uppity date da interwebsite.

Kitten Selfie!

Iz da fud dish still empties?

Iz can ALMOST reach it!

Dis is our basikit - go away!

The dentist-toothy man sayed open wide!

Have you seen my ear?

Jabba da Cat

Dis is da soon 2 bee mommy cat, Princess

Why iz my dish EMPTY?

Prepare to launch …